Where can I register to vote?
  • DuPage County Clerk's Office

  • DuPage County Elections Commission Office

  • City and Village Offices

  • Township Offices

  • Precinct Committeemen

  • Some schools

  • Some public libraries

  • Some labor groups

  • Some civic groups

  • Some corporations

  • Military recruitment offices

When applying for services at the following:

  • Driver's License Facilities

  • Department of Public Aid Offices

  • Department of Public Health Offices

  • Department of Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities Offices

  • Department of Rehabilitation Services Offices

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1. What are the voter registration requirements?
2. When may I register to vote?
3. Where can I register to vote?
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5. Do I ever have to re-register?
6. Will I automatically be registered to vote when I renew my driver's license?
7. Can I register to vote by mailing an application to my election office?
8. If I mail in an application to vote, can I vote by absentee ballot?
9. When can I consider myself officially registered to vote?
10. What if I change my name after being registered?
11. What if I move, can I still vote?