Sewage Back-Up

Policy Statement

The Village of Winfield or the City of West Chicago, operator of the waste water treatment plant that serves Winfield, are not liable for losses or claims associated with sanitary sewer back-ups, unless it can be shown unequivocally that the Village's or City's actions or lack thereof were willful and wanton. Claims will be accepted by the Village and will be forwarded to our insurance company for review.

For more information about sewage back-up or other waste water services, please click here to view the Sanitary Sewage Back-ups brochure (PDF) or call the Public Works department at (630) 933-7140.

When a Back-Up Occurs

Property owners are asked to contact the Village immediately upon the occurrence of a sewage back-up, so that the matter can be investigated by Village employees and staff.

If circumstances allow, Village employees may offer disaster response assistance in the form of allowing the use of the Village's trash pumps or other resources to mitigate the problem.

The Village's involvement in a response should in no way be misconstrued as an admission of the Village's liability.

At the discretion of the Village Manager or his/her designee, take appropriate action to provide a limited preliminary clean-up of the sewerage back-up to property or facilities if blockage is determined to be within the public waste water collection facility, or to alleviate a clear and present danger to property and or its occupants.