Village Negotiations with NM-CDH

At its December 19, 2019 meeting, the Village Board held its first public discussion since last winter on the status of talks with NM-CDH regarding both 1) proposals for an agreement with the Village for redevelopment in Town Center and 2) whether the annual $900,000 economic development grant contributed by Northwestern Medicine will be renewed.  These funds have provided financial stability for the Village and are used to support the following purposes:

    1)     Reimbursement of costs caused by the operations of NM-CDH

    2)    Economic development efforts to grow the Village’s tax base

    3)   Investments that enhance Village operations and efficiencies

The Village Board unanimously agreed it is in Winfield’s best interests for all further negotiations on these matters to be conducted in a public setting, with NM representatives able to participate directly.  All interested parties are formally invited to attend the next public discussion on the significant remaining open issues to be resolved, scheduled for 7:00 p.m. in Village Hall on Thursday, January 16, 2020.   

 Additional information is provided in the following links:

 ·       Video of January 16 Board meeting update - presentation starts at the 1:21.20 minute mark

 ·       Three slides on NM-CDH talks presented by Village staff and several more presented by President Spande at the       January 16 Board meeting

 ·       Text of Village President Erik Spande’s introductory comments

·        Text from Village Manager Curt Barrett’s presentation on negotiations

.        PowerPoint slides from Village Manager Curt Barrett’s presentation on negotiations
·        Recent email correspondence between President Spande and NM-CDH President Brian Lemon

·        Village President’s Letter mailed to residents dated December 13, 2019

·        Previous Special Editions of the Winfield Word newsletter focusing on these topics - October 2015  November 2018

·        August 12, 2019 draft development agreement outline (last version worked on together by both sides)

·        November 25, 2019 redline version unilaterally provided by NM-CDH