Winfield Centennial Task Force




Whereas, the Village of Winfield was founded in 1921; and

Whereas, the Village will be celebrating its Centennial in 2021; and

Whereas, Winfield has a rich history before and after its founding; and

Whereas, the Centennial is an excellent way to recognize Winfield’s history, accomplishments, and bright future; and

Whereas, a group of interested parties has started to meet and consider Centennial activities; and

Whereas the Winfield Centennial should be a year-long, village-wide event that celebrates Winfield’s history, citizens, creativity, character, civic groups, businesses, governmental bodies; and

Whereas, the Village of Winfield wishes to promote the Centennial to make it a worthy recognition and encourage all civic groups, governmental bodies, businesses, and individuals to participate; and

Whereas, the Winfield Centennial is an excellent way to recognize the current and ongoing good works of so many in the Winfield area.

Therefore, Winfield Village President Erik Spande establishes the Winfield Centennial Task Force on August 1, 2019 with the following provisions:

  1. The Task Force will be ad hoc and open to any group or interested party that wishes to offer suggestions or participate in the Winfield Centennial.
  2. The Task Force will be co-sponsored by the Village of Winfield and the Greater Winfield Chamber of Commerce.
  3. The Centennial Task Force may include but is not limited to:

  • Members of the Village Board and Village advisory committees
  • Other governmental bodies including the library, park district, school districts and fire protection district
  • Non-profit institutions including churches, civic groups and Central DuPage Hospital
  • Businesses and business groups such as the Greater Winfield Chamber of Commerce
  • Any citizen or interested party

  1. The mandate of the Task Force shall be to brainstorm, establish, coordinate, organize, and promote ideas for the Winfield Centennial.
  2. Centennial-related events, projects, and/or marketing efforts that desire Village of Winfield support and/or funding will coordinate these requests with the EDCC/MCC, who will work with the petitioner and make a recommendation to the Winfield Board for approval.
  3. The Task Force will work collaboratively with the EDCC/MCC to identify ways to minimize, share and offset costs for Winfield Centennial.
  4. The Task Force and the EDCC/MCC will collaborate to establish a Centennial Calendar of Events. The Centennial Calendar will consider other events that may conflict with Centennial events.

The Task Force will meet at a time and date of mutual convenience, and it is understood that the meetings may occur approximately every two weeks. Each meeting will have an agenda that is posted per Village ordinance and be open to the public. The Task Force will provide meeting minutes that will be approved at subsequent Task Force meetings, which will then be provided to Village staff for posting to the Village website.

The Village will be sending letters to potential participants this month and publicizing the opportunity to any interested parties in advance of naming members of the Task Force this fall.