Stormwater & Floodplain Management

Important Information

All accessory structures, such as decks and sheds, whether they require a building permit or not, are subject to the Winfield Zoning Ordinance and DuPage County Floodplain and Stormwater Management Ordinance (adopted by the Village), see link below. Please submit to the Community Development department for review, a plat of survey with the location of the accessory structure shown.

Stormwater Links

Winfield Creek Watershed Plan

At the December 3, 2015 Village Board meeting, County Stormwater officials presented findings from their first update to the Winfield Creek Watershed Study in over 20 years. The waterway drains 9-square miles of western Wheaton and surrounding areas through Winfield to the west branch of the DuPage River. One capital project recommended is upsizing the Church Street Bridge culvert, which the County has committed to pursue. However, the sheer volume of stormwater does not allow for cost-effective detention storage, leaving buy-outs of floodplain property as the best approach currently available. The Village has adopted a buyout police to help it partner with the County seeking further buy-out grants. The watershed study can be found in the stormwater section of the county website.


Local Stormwater Buyout Policy

On December 17, 2015 the Village Board approved the adoption of a local stormwater property buy-out policy. This action formalizes the process for evaluating flood prone properties for buy-out eligibility and priority. Adoption of this policy strengthens the Village’s ability to pursue grants to assist with stormwater mitigation plans.


Overhead Sewer Assistance Grant

The Village of Winfield has a vested interest in the proper operation of the Winfield Sanitary System. We understand that some residents have experienced sewer back-ups in their homes and recognize that an over-head sewer system may help prevent such back-ups. The Village of Winfield offers an Over-Head Sewer Assistance Grant to qualifying residents to help defray the cost of installing an over-head sewer in their home. Click here for additional information and the grant application.



If you have a drainage concern on your property, please contact the Village Hall at 630-933-7100 and the receptionist will initiate a work order for Public Works and the Village Engineer to investigate.