The Village of Winfield, incorporated in 1921, is located in west central DuPage County, which is ranked as one of the top growth areas in the Chicago metropolitan area, approximately 28 miles west of downtown Chicago. The Village's current population is 9,820 according to the 2016 special census.

The governing body of the Village is composed of six Village Trustees and a Village President elected at large for four year terms which are staggered so that three trustees are elected every two years.

Water, Sewer, Gas, and Electricity
The Village owns and operates the water distribution system and is supplied water from Lake Michigan through the DuPage Water Commission. The Village is supplied sewage treatment service from the City of West Chicago, through an intergovernmental agreement. The sewage collection system is owned by the Village of Winfield. Natural gas is supplied by Northern Illinois Gas and electricity is provided by Commonwealth Edison.

Fire protection is provided by the Winfield Fire Protection District, which is a separate taxing body. The Fire Department operates out of one fire station; the Village has a Class 4 fire insurance rating. Along with the Fire Chief, the district has a Deputy Fire Chief, four full-time lieutenants, five full-time firefighter/paramedics and 30 part-time firefighters. 

The Winfield Police Department consists of 15 sworn officers including the Chief of Police, two Sergeants, and 13 Patrol Officers. The Police Department has been successful in keeping the crime rate to one of the lowest in DuPage County for several years.