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Website Linkage Policy
The website created and maintained by the Village of Winfield, Illinois, is intended to provide information about the community. This policy is intended to address linkage decisions for the website that is identified by the following web aliases:

All subwebs and webpages contained within this are included in this provision. Although most of the content contained on this site is created by Village staff and officials, there are reasonable and desirable needs for links to websites outside the span of control of the municipality.

The Village of Winfield shall therefore limit links placed on its webpages to those websites that meet the following criteria:
  • Websites from not-for-profit organizations that promote tourism, industry, and economic welfare within the community and further the interest of the Village of Winfield as a municipal entity
  • Websites that are owned and operated by newspapers of general circulation (as defined by Illinois State Statutes)
  • Websites that are owned and operated by local, state, and federal governmental organizations
  • Websites that are owned and operated by private and public schools that serve Winfield residents and are located in the Village of Winfield’s corporate limits
  • Websites that are owned and operated by utilities that serve the residents of the Village of Winfield
  • Websites that promote the safety and well being of residents of the Village of Winfield Specifications for the links page on the Village of Winfield’s website

Website Link Request
Submissions must be made in writing by printing and turning in the Website Link Request Form for submissions for the Village’s links page. You may email the form to the webmaster or return it to Village Hall. The links request form can also be picked up at the Village Hall, which is located at:
27 West 465 Jewell Rd.
Winfield, IL 60190 

  • Submissions must be made 10 business days prior to the requested posting date
  • Submissions must not be political or religious in nature
  • Submissions may not be an advertisement for private business
  • The Village of Winfield reserves the right to deny links to any website that contains obscene or objectionable images or text or deems inappropriate at any time

The Village of Winfield, Illinois
27West465 Jewell Road
Winfield, IL 60190
Ph: (630) 933-7100
Fx: (630) 665-1767
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