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What is the cost of the Flat Rate Unlimited program?
For 2019, the cost is $19.21 per month billed quarterly from Waste Management and includes a refuse container (your choice of 35, 65 or 95 gal). Please call WM at 800-796-9696 to set up. Senior residents (age 65) will receive a 10% discount ($17.29) with a valid ID at Village Hall.

Waste Management

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1. When is my trash pick-up date?
2. What happens when there is a holiday?
3. What is the cost of the Flat Rate Unlimited program?
4. How can I register as a senior to receive a discount for the Flat Rate program?
5. What is the cost of refuse/yardwaste stickers?
6. Where can I purchase stickers?
7. When should I have my garbage out to be picked up?
8. Is there a maximum size for trash containers/bags?
9. What will be picked up?
10. When does yard waste pick-up begin?
11. What will be picked up as yard waste?
12. Where can I get a recycling can?

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